Two women in coats with backpacks hiking outside.

What does one take on a 5/6 month long backpacking trip? This is new to us too, so we’ll all find out together! We’ve done all the research we can, tested our gear on numerous occasions, and compiled our gear based on what we anticipate working for us.


For a long-distance backpacking trip, the two most important things to consider when choosing gear are Weight and Quality. Finding the balance between these aspects is crucial. You’re carrying everything on your back, so the ounces add up quickly (especially given that one liter of water weighs over two pounds). But we don’t want to sacrifice quality when purchasing lighter gear. There is “ultra-light gear” these days, products that have been designed with quality in mind yet weighing as little as possible; but these items come with a hefty price tag that takes a serious commitment.

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 Young woman in blue coat holding trekking poles.

We’ve tried to find the balance that works for us between weight, quality, & price. Below is our list at present. We’ll likely pare this down as we go along, as quickly we’ll realize what’s unnecessary.


Osprey Aura 65 Packs & Pack Rain Covers - We are not bringing the Brains of the packs

REI Half Dome 2 w/ MSR Tent Stakes

REI Magma 17 Sleeping Bag - Jess

REI Joule 21 Sleeping Bag - Sarah


Therma-rest Neo Air XLight W - Sarah

Therma-rest Z Lite SOL - Jess

Sleeping Bag Liners, Pillows

Trekking Poles, Headlamps, Head Nets

Umbrella - Sarah

Fanny Pack - Jess

Sawyer Squeezes & Backup Tablet Water Treatment


Dry Sack & Food Odor Bags for Food Storage

Pot - Bringing only the Pot & Lid from this system

Stove, Camp Dish Cloth & Cups


Cap & Hat, Sunglasses, Buff

Down Jacket

Base Layer Bottom & Top

Rain Pants & Rain Jacket - Sarah, Jess

Hiking Shirt - Sarah, Jess

Shorts - Sarah, Jess

Lock Laces & Altra Shoes - Sarah, Jess


Xero ZTrail Sandles - Sarah

Socks - Some combination of Darn Tough, Injinji, and Crosspoint Waterproof Socks

Underwear & Bra

Crosspoint Waterproof Gloves & Sungloves


Trowel, Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Body Glide, TP, Diva Cups, Toothbrush & Paste, Floss, Nail Clippers, Tweezers, Chapstick


Allergy Pills, Advil, Imodium, Benadryl, Leukotape, Baindaids, Needle, Blister Treatment


Phones & Chargers, Battery Pack, Headphones, Garmin In-Reach Mini, Personal Locator Beacon


Sony A9, Lens, Peak Designs Camera Clip, Cuff, Phone Lenses


Bear Canister, Whippet / Ice Axe, Crampons / Microspikes - We’re waiting until the snow falls to determine these aspects.

Ziplock Bags, Carabiners, Passports, Permits, Notebook, Pen

We realize that adaptability is key. We’re hoping that our gear works well for us, but know that changes along the way are inevitable. We’ll post a Post-Trail Gear List once the hike is complete to let you know what changed along the way!

-Sarah & Jess // Uphill Adventure

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