A Day in the Life

of the Collins family

Little girl getting soap
morning hug between mom and two daughters
giving elmo a drink
girl with mouth open wide for yogurt
little girl crawling into her parents room
girl refusing to wear certain clothes
girl in her morning bath
dad getting the bottle ready and holding the baby
girl looking at herself in mirror and looking at mom
mom comforting little girl
nutella face
mom carrying the bike home
daughter watching mom laugh
dad holding baby, and giving mom a kiss
dog waiting for baby to drop food
baby playing in the window light
environmental portrait of Emma
baby playing on mom
girls sitting in stroller, playing with dad
tears while in the car
just feet
girl sticking her whole head in the water misters
whole family on the slide
girl picking a bag for fruit at the grocery store
girl being bored at grocery checkout
dad trying to feed the baby prunes
dad watching daughter dance
girls giving a kiss
baby heading to bed, gives mom a goodnight kiss
mom hugging daughter
boston terrier getting a belly rub
mom brushing daughters teeth
goodnight kisses between mom and daughter