A Day in the Life

of the Dobrikovic family

Girl watching tv and brushing her hair
Boy touching his toy
Girl using her inhaler
mom throwing clothes up to son on bunk bed
Mom brushing daughters hair, girl grimacing
Girl carrying little dog upside down
girl getting on the school bus
Driving a toy car over to school
girl and boy looking at backpacks
mom and daughter decorating the house
Mom helping son make a project
Blow up tent in the backyard
Mom laughing at kids on the staircase
Boy climbing over the fence
Portrait of a girl at the fire
Mom laughing at daughter in the kitchen
Whole family around the fire at night
Girl on the trampoline at night
Boy sleeping on the living room floor
Mom pulling daughters toes and laughing
Everyone wrestling on mom's bed
Girl laying on the bed with dog
Mom making faces at boys tears
Tucking little girl into bed
Mom pretending to sleep on daughters butt, son laughing in the back