A Day in the Life

of the Gansky family

Boy waking up, throwing his toy in bed
Big kids feeding the baby
Princess waking up
Kids are face timing grandma
Little girl standing in the laundry room with a pumpkin jacket and a fire hat over her face
Dad holding daughter's hand
Baby having a bottle in the stroller
Mom and dad teamwork with the big slide
Mom pointing at a puddle
Boy enjoying eating his lunch
Mom stroking baby's face before his nap
Little girl eating a handful of fries in bed
Little face poking out of the play tent window
Dad scratching his head
Mom having quiet time with baby
Baby giving mom a kiss
Mom pulling baby back by the leg
Baby painting naked
portrait of little girl crying
Mom making faces at daughters attitude
boy laying on a grate with a toy lawn mower
Mom sitting on a rock, watching the kids play
Dad helping daughter play golf
Mom helping daughter wash her hands
Family playing together in the basement, girl crying
Family eating dinner and watching a movie
Dad looking at little girl crying while drying off son
Three kids in a tub
Girl, crying on the hallway floor
Two kids watching a show before bed
Mom holding baby before bedtime
Mom reading to kids before bed
Mom kissing daughter while reading a book
Mom kissing daughter goodnight
Mom kissing son goodnight in bed