Just another crazy, hilarious, normal, awesome day.

When Jaclyn messaged me, inviting me to be a part of their "circus" (or family) for the day, I knew that I was in for a treat.

This family's morning routine starts out with Alexa blasting the Trolls soundtrack at 7 a.m, to get everyone up and ready to start the day! After a bit of last minute homework and breakfast, the dance party continues once everyone piles into the car for school. A few errands, some chores, and one nap time later, everyone is back and getting ready for football practice! (Seriously, life with three kids is nonstop!).  A little play time, a little daddy time, and few night time snacks and then suddenly everyone is tucked into bed and fast asleep.

Bedtime was actually insanely impressive; I've never seen kids pass out so quickly (check out this meditation app for more on that!).

This is just a small selection of pictures from our Day in the Life session. Actually, it's kind of a lot of pictures; I couldn't narrow it down properly because, well, look at them! 


Mom pulling daughter out of bed!
Supermom helping daughter with math.
Three kids dancing in the car!
Daughter jumping off the curb
Fun mom
Momma comforting her daughter.
Mom helping little one put on her shoes.
Picking up the kiddos from school
Family heading to the grocery store
Boy struggling to do homework while his sister watches.
Leaving the house for football practice.
Football practice
Daughter rolls her eyes at mom on the playground
mom pulling kid off of the tire swing at the playground
Dad helping little one put her shoe back on.
Family watching sons football practice
Little kid resting against white car.
Girl squishing moms face
Daughter stepping on mommy's toes
Mom tucking in her baby girl
Husband and wife being lovey in the kitchen after the kids go to sleep.
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