A day in the life: Hoffman family

So this has been my second "Day in the Life" shoot, to date. And let me tell you, I AM LOVING IT.

Getting to spend an entire day with a group of people that you've never met? Hearing stories, going through the everyday routines of another person?! It's amazing, and so very humbling to be invited into such an intimate space. 

Last week I had the opportunity to meet and spend the day with the Hoffman family. Mom + Dad + twin boys + a very smiley little girl. The kids were definitely shy when they woke up with this weird, new person in their home (I may or may not have had my sweats on backwards for the first hour), but they quickly warmed up to both me and my camera. Soon enough they were asking for books to be read and pictures to be taken!

After a delicious breakfast of waffles with cinnamon, the day began!

I'll leave the rest of the story to be told in pictures. :)

Dad combing kids hair
boy laughing in red coat
Getting out the door with kids
ballots with grandpa
mom portrait
pink boots
twins making faces
bedtime feels
goodnight hugs


Things you may not know if you've never met the Hoffman family:

1) Maple syrup is the perfect coffee sweetener.

2) The city is a fantastic backdrop to family living.

3) You're missing out. Because these are some really beautiful people.




Jessica Strom