Our Recent Holiday In Australia: Part 2

G'day mate! Welcome to part two of Sarah & I's Australian holiday. At this point we've already enjoyed a relaxing stay on the beach in Port Douglas, as well an adventurous few days in the Daintree Rainforest. This is a kangaroo.


On our way back to the airport in Cains, we stopped at a local wildlife refuge. Wallabies, kangaroos, and birds, oh my. They would eat right from your hand! Sarah was a trooper and endured all of the murderous parrots and turkeys flying around so that I could spend some quality time with these loves. I also held a Koala and it peed on me, but the only evidence we have of that is video. 


Back on the road to the airport! But wait. We had to stop for a second time because LOOK!

Wolgan Valley

After adding our own rock towers to the hundred or so others, we continued on to our most anticipated destination- Wolgan Valley.  Sarah and I still like to say, "remember when this was our house?"

This is what we woke up to our first morning. (From our porch, by the way.)

And even with an impending thunderstorm, this place was simply breath taking. 


And then one night, while we're at dinner at Wolgan, and the staff are bringing us all of the yummiest courses and wines, I see two kids carrying huge, stuffed animal Wombats. We realize they're being sold in the gift shop and, after all the wine is finished, I decide that we're adopting one. Meet Russ. 

Russ is just you're average Wombat. He enjoys relaxing by the pool, Kanga watching, backpacking, and checking out the tourist scene.


Sydney, AU

Our final stop was the Four Seasons hotel in Sydney. We stayed a total of four nights in the city. We did a harbor cruise, went surfing with the awesome guys at Bondi beach, and had a really wonderful time exploring with Just Sydney Tours

Everything about Sydney was so much fun. I loved seeing where Sarah lived while abroad, and meeting some of the great people that she works with now. Alanah and her husband, Chris, from Just Sydney Tours were especially wonderful. If you ever have the opportunity to tour with them, I absolutely recommend it. They are two of the most genuine people I have ever met, and our day with them was one of the best of our entire trip.


And then just like that, it's the last night. Until next time, AU.

Jessica Strom