Two women in blue shirts laughing holding hands and looking down.

Hi! Sarah here to tell you just a little bit about ourselves.

We met back in 2010, freshman year at university. After two years of “Oh hey there” and “We should hang out sometime”, our mutual friend groups finally merged.  Junior Year brought three months of “Homeless Jess” (aka not paying for student housing - always thrifty that one) sleeping on my couch. The following year we moved in together and the rest is history. Going strong for five and a half years of dates, trips, fostering service pups, apartments & a house, relationship building with IKEA & West Elm furniture, and more.

Young woman in green sweater in front of black background smiling.


Nanny turned full time photographer.  I like to drink coffee, the cold kind to be exact.  I like sparkling water, Harry Potter, dogs, Trader Joe's, hiking, & Sarah.  You’ll find me in the warm weather, surrounded by plants. I’m much better at talking to small humans than people my own age.  I don’t like pickles, the dentist, cutting my nails, heights, our current political situation, and being cold. Here’s to becoming a braver, more confident, capable of saving myself if I fall off a cliff, person.  

Young woman in blue sweater in front of black background smiling.


I’ve just left my job as a full time Travel Consultant, where I worked for the past 4.5 years. I enjoy bouldering, playing guitar & piano, cooking, watching football, hiking, and traveling. I do not drink coffee, but I do indulge all kinds of juice - except cranberry, gross. I’ve never had a cavity. I don’t like slow drivers, when people are late, dirty dishes in the sink, & most humans (except you, of course). Maybe this next year will bring me some patience. You’ll often find me eating chocolate, listening to Christmas music, and planning our next adventure.