Have you ever woken up one day, looked around, and thought “How did I even get here?”


Three(ish) years ago, the following cycle of thoughts began to creep in: I looked at one college - I went to one college.  I interviewed for one job - I got one job. I bought a house. This is it. Here’s my life. I’m twenty three years old, but this seems to be it. I was forced into roots here in this little town that I’m not sure I even like. I mean, it gets way too cold here, there’s no way I like this. How did this even happen? How did I even get here?

I felt like my life was on the fast track to somewhere I didn’t choose. Confined by the choices I didn’t feel I ever made. I simply went with the flow of what one is “supposed” to do with their adult life - grow up.

Book Cover of Wild by Cheryl Strayed

I, like many learned of the Pacific Crest Trail from Wild. In 2014, the movie swept the nation, resulting in a wanderlust that gripped the hearts and souls of all ages. After being enthralled by the movie, I quickly got my hands on the book and read it in two days.  You may not think this is anything to boast of, but we’re talking about the girl whose recreational reading merely consists of the Harry Potter series (I like to say it’s because nothing can possibly be better). The idea that a nobody - someone just like me - with no training, knowledge, skill, or background in hiking could decide to hike part of the Pacific Crest Trail, and actually go out there and do it, was beyond inspiring.  It was something that I suddenly wanted. No, something that I suddenly needed.

The Pacific Crest Trail seemed like just the thing for me - something to push me mentally and physically, and grow me in new ways. But change is hard. Monotony, however stagnant it may be, is comfortable. Although I wasn’t happy, I was comfortable with my life. Comfortable in my house with my well paying job. So naturally I forgot about the PCT, and went on with my life.

Flash forward two years (2017; for those of you who lost track of my jumbled timeline). I was more restless than ever. It was then I remembered the Trail and dove head first into seeing if it was feasible. I finally talked to Jess about the PCT; I shared my dreams and goals, hoping hers would align. Thankfully, it didn’t take much convincing for us to decide on the following. We would plan to take one year off starting in April 2019: Hike the PCT from March/April - September, and then travel for the remainder of the year to destinations we’d plan along the way.  We’d quit our jobs, rent out the house, and go. And as for what would come after the year, we’d figure that out then.

What came next were lists on lists on lists of how to make this happen (saving money, learning as much as we could about the PCT, planning logistics, etc.). And here we are - just one week away from this dream becoming our reality. Growth doesn’t happen in the comfortable, and we’re both ready to be stretched and grown into better versions of ourselves.

-Sarah (& Jess) // Uphill Adventure