2,650 MILES

This year we’re embarking on our biggest adventure yet. We left April 2019 to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

Art by Elizabeth Person. Buy this awesome print  here .

Art by Elizabeth Person. Buy this awesome print here.


The Pacific Crest Trail is one of the United States’ three great long-distance trails. Although its history is long and complex, the PCT was officially completed in 1993.  It spans from the Mexican to the Canadian Border, covering 2,650 miles in between.  The trail weaves its way up California, Oregon, and Washington. It passes through seven national parks, and traverses six of North America’s seven ecozones.  

The Pacific Crest Trail has gained awareness and popularity in recent years, due largely to the success of Wild. Now, thousands aim to walk the entirety of the trail each season (this is known as thru-hiking; although a clear definition of this word is highly contested). While only a small percentage of those who embark on the journey complete the trail, last year saw a record number of finishers just shy of 1,000.


Walking from Mexico to Canada takes a fair bit of logistical planning, but far less than one might think. If you take a look at the map here, you’ll see dozens of names in Orange - these are main towns we’ll be passing through (there are even more than the ones listed). Here we’ll resupply on food, fix inevitably broken gear, buy new shoes, swap out warm weather / cold weather gear, take showers & eat burgers, etc. As much as this is a wander through the wilderness, the most we’ll go without stopping in a town is a week or so. We’re viewing this journey as lots of week long backpacking trips. Rather than setting out from Mexico with the goal of reaching Canada (2,650 long, painful miles away), we’re setting out with the goal of reaching that first town - and going on from there.




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